Therapeutic techniques

Tom Claykens. Practitioner at Goudhurst Chiropractic, treating a patient with chiropractic manipulation.

Chiropractic therapy

Treatment costs £36 per session

As Chiropractic health care professionals we diagnosis, treat and prevent mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

University qualified, having studied for over 5 years, our practitioners deliver Chiropractic treatment through manipulation ‘adjusting’ the musculoskeletal system, re-aligning the body, especially in and around the spinal column.

Initial consultations involve a full history examination and diagnosis of your complaint, followed by the appropriate treatment.

Fully trained, we read medical images like X-rays and MRI scans and if necessary we will refer you on to other health care professionals.
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Tom Claykens. Practitioner at Goudhurst Chiropractic, treating a patient with dry needles.

Dry needling

Offered alongside other services

Also called ‘Western Acupuncture’ this technique is used to treat muscular problems and works by inserting a small, sterile needle into the muscle’s trigger point, with the intent to reduce pain and increase range of motion.

This is believed to be achieved by normalising dysfunctions of the motor end plates. Offered as a complimentary therapeutic treatment to our other Chiropractic services, we often use other techniques like Dry cupping, Myofascial release, Trigger point therapy, Functional neurology and Functional rehabilitation to treat our clients complaints.

The advantage of providing several different services, is that it enables us to tailor you a course of treatments, offering you the most appropriate technique to treat your individuals needs.
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Will Jex. Practitioner at Goudhurst Chiropractic, treating a patient with K-laser therapy.

K Laser treatment

A course of 6 treatments cost £25 per session

We are very excited and pleased to offer laser therapy, having purchased Kent's first and only class IV K-Laser.

Results using this cutting edge system have been extremely impressive, receiving five star reviews from patients who have experienced its healing power.

K-Laser penetrates deep into musculoskeletal tissue and accelerates cell metabolism by increasing blood flow, nutrients absorption, cell division and excretion of waste. As a result, skin, tendons, ligaments and muscles are repaired faster with reduced inflammation, scarring and pain.

This is a safe and non-invasive technique that is suitable for any age group, any skin tone, and any body size. From athletes to pregnant women, children and the infirm.

We are pleased to offer K-Laser therapy as a standalone treatment, or alongside your regular chiropractic care.
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Tom Claykens. Practitioner at Goudhurst Chiropractic, conducting a functional analysis assessment.

Functional analysis

Assesments cost £35 per session

With the CrossFit gym on-site and all our team members qualified as CrossFit Level 1 coaches, we can assess your movement patterns, to make sure you are performing them both efficiently and safely.

This analysis could be of an Olympic power lift or completing something far simpler, such as getting out of a chair.

Since many injuries originate from wrong movement patterns, identifying functional movement errors is crucial.

After the identification process we will suggest a routine, with tailored exercises and stretches to eliminate your previous bad habits.

In cooperation with Risebridge+ CrossFit Kent & Sussex. We offer a variety of functional movement assessments, that can be completed as one-2-one sessions or using the ‘fast track’ options that CrossFit box has to offer.
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