The team

Fully trained experienced clinicians, all CrossFit box fanatics! Meet the Goudhurst Chiropractic team of personal trainers. Based at the Risebridge CrossFit Gym in Goudhurst and lead by company director and qualified Chiropractor Tom Claykens, we are here to offer specialist treatments to help you recover from your sports injury and stay fitter and stronger as you move forward with your on going recovery and rehabilitation.

Fully qualified

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Who are we?

Tom Claykens. Chiropractor at Goudhurst Chiropractic.

Tom Claykens


As a qualified chiropractor, exercise scientist, chiropractic neurologist and CrossFit trainer, Tom offers tailored treatment plans and being a keen recreational CrossFit athlete, he understands your aches and pains.

Laura Kew. Fitness Coach at Goudhurst Chiropractic.

Laura Kew

Fitness Coach

Our upbeat CrossFit guru! Laura is an experienced personal trainer and offers CrossFit classes and one-2-one excercise assessments to help maximise your fitness potential. She is also a qualified K-Laser practitioner.

Will Jex. Personal Trainer at Goudhurst Chiropractic.

Will Jex

Personal Trainer

Meet the growing force when it comes to CrossFit box training. Qualified as a one-2-one personal CrossFit trainer, Will conducts movement analysis assessments and is also one of our K-Laser therapists.

Ellie Sims. Strength Coach at Goudhurst Chiropractic.

Ellie Sims

Strength Coach

Our worldclass Olympic weightlifting powerhouse! Ellie has an abundance of knowledge and experience on how to lift weights in an efficient and safe fashion. She also happens to be a passionate dedicated CrossFit trainer.